Legends of Yore


Sacking dungeons is a lot of fun!


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Legends of Yore is a role playing game, in the roguelike sub-genre, in which you can go deep into different dungeons, and kill all the enemies that you see while you get all the treasure that you can find. Just the usual stuff.

The developers of Legends of Yore themselves have defined it as a casual roguelike, which would normally be absurd and contradictory, but seems to be pretty accurate in this case. This is because, apart from the usual difficulties in the genre, you can also find some elements that make it easier.

Basically, Legends of Yore can be controlled almost exclusively with the mouse, and when you die, instead of losing the character as usual, you can simply choose to lose some experience or objects in your inventory and keep going.

Legends of Yore is a really entertaining roguelike. Although it has pixelated graphics with no animations (characters move without gesturing), it's still appealing thanks to an addictive and slightly more permissive gameplay than the norm.
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